They are very basic and easy to understand….
I allow commercial use (cu) or commercial use for commercial use (cu4cu) for my items, Please see below for the meanings
I encourage using your own creativity and make a new items using my item.
I prefer to spend my time designing and enjoying what I make, I don’t wish to run around
being a snoop and making sure you are obeying terms with this in mind my terms of use (TOU) are very basic and simple to follow.

1. Any thing with Commercial use for commercial use (cu4cu) – means all my Items I have made are done for you to freely use there are no limitations of if’s  and but’s so have fun these products and are marked in the T’s & C’s and on the products preview.

2. Anything that has commercial use ok (cu ok)means – you may sell the results you have created using my items eg: a quick page, tags, making a website, printing onto mugs,shirts etc.

3. very rarely I will have an item that is Personal Use (PU) – it will be clearly marked  in the store and on the preview. under no circumstances are you allowed to sell the product or give away, it is for your personal use only.